So If It's Not Merry Christmas, What is it - Merry Christmas Tree

                   Who can reject you for saying Merry Christmas, so they would not offend someone who is not Christian. If you were brought up Christian this was never a problem up until recently. So what are non believers saying when they celebrate Christmas with their family or other people, that they are worshiping the Christmas tree? Seldom do you see a person who lavishes himself in the Christmas season being able to comply with the God who gave them life here on earth. The One (Jesus) who sacrificed his life for them all. Well then they won't be able to understand all the gifts that He brought them when He arrived, wondering how they thought that they lived so long without the knowledge that Christ the Lord, has given His life on earth for their blood. He was Born of a Virgin and was put to death, let all that cannot bear to say His name without shame be then put to the test of everlasting knowledge that Christ is God. Take that away and what do you have... nothing... nothing at all. This life that is given you will be put to the test as you come to the Lord closer and closer. He is watching us from above and waiting for us to come to Him. When you deny Him as your Lord and Savior you are doing two things, putting yourself to sured death in spirit and making a place for yourself in Gods condemnation. for all that deny the Christ as savior will pay a high price in the life after. Carrying your Cross Being a person of Christ is a heavy load for us all, we must be worthy of Him and be proving our love to Him each day through obeying His words and commandments. We all make mistakes, but to let them slip by without being sorry for our sins is not the way of God. He wants you to come to Him for all your needs and to help you sort out what he requires of you. At times this is a large load but He will give you what you can carry.