Read This Article if You Like to Say Merry Christmas

                     Christmas Time is a very special time of the year; it is a festive time. It is a time fro random acts of kindness and time for reconciliation. It is a time for loving, caring and a time for sharing. It is time to say thank, exchange gifts and offer a smile to everyone you meet. Not because they are Christians but because they are human beings, on a planet we share; it is way to say, hi there; "Merry Christmas!" Some in the media are creating a controversy over nothing in the attack on the words Merry Christmas. They tell us it is not politically correct, that you cannot say that? Why not? Would you rather people come up to you and say "Paper or Plastic? Thank you for shopping here now Go to Happy Hell!" Why is the "C" word becoming a bad word? It is far too many letters to be a bad word? If we can celebrate Halloween, which is the celebration of Evil Spirits, which is kind of silly, well then what is wrong with celebrating Positive influences? If you like to say Merry Christmas, then say it; say it like you mean it. If you don't say something else and give it a real smile from the heart; we are all in this together and it is just silly to thrust a debate on the words "Merry Christmas" surely we have enough other things to argue over in our daily fix of sound and fury. Think on this.